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Managed Computer I.T. Services

We handle Information Technology for small to large corporations. No business is too large or small for professional I.T. security and service that is up to industry standards. Some of our experience with managed Information Technology includes:

  • Setting up secure servers for law enforcement
  • Designing and implementing secure networks for law enforcement
  • Security cameras and servers for casinos
  • Setting up server farms
  • Database training and consultation for power utilities
  • Large data management and archiving for casinos and law enforcement
  • Teaching network, server, database and website design courses to Military & Law enforcement


Managed Information Technology (I.T.)

We manage the hardware and software that are required by the business to run. In many cases we work with software vendors to establish a proper support channel. We take the role of mediating between the software vendor and the customer. This alleviates time spent by the customer to contact several companies for support. This way the customer calls one provider for support and we liaise with the software vendor to rectify the issue. We take the role of IT management for computer hardware, the computer network, IT security, data backup, disaster recovery, servers, server software and even email and website hosting and operations.

Computer Networking

We can design, engineer and set up new networks or manage and maintain existing networks. Depending on the business needs we configure routers, managed switches, network bridges, WiFi access points, VMS Security systems, Point Of Sale Systems, VoIP and many other types of networking hardware. We also secure the network with various methods including Intrusion Detection Systems, antivirus, MAC binding, port monitoring, DCHP snooping and VLANS to put designated network resources on their own network. Firewalls, Honeypots and ACL (Access Control Lists) also play a part in securing the network depending on the size and needs of the network. Multiple layers of security is the best practice.

Helpdesk & Computer Technical Support

Our approach to technical support is to be responsive and efficient. Our online support ticket system is the heart of our support process. We categorize each support issue and address the issue based on the level of severity. For example, a failed hard drive is more important than the inability to open a Word document. All support tickets are submitted through our online ticket system. This allows us to be more efficient at fixing and addressing I.T. issues. This also keeps the costs low for our customers and allows them to see past issues that have been addressed. This way, issues are addressed quickly and dealt with swiftly to minimize downtime.

Windows Server Management

We have been managing Windows servers since Windows NT. Today we set up, manage and deploy Windows server 2016 for our customers. We can set up full Active Directory domain controllers with group policies and user access security. We can also set up stand-alone servers such as web servers, database servers, file servers, Hyper-V virtual servers and more. Our expertise goes to the level of fail-over clustering with physical servers or virtual servers on Hyper-V. Whatever the business need, we can set up a Windows server to the specifications and roles that the server will play on the network and I.T. operations.

Enterprise Server

We can set up, install and configure enterprise software such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Sharepoint, MYSQL and web application platforms such as ASP.net, PhP and ColdFusion. We equally have experience with setting up media servers for radio broadcasting, development companies, engineering firms, law enforcement and government. Every server is unique to the business environment and serves specific roles within the network. We have also set up digital camera security systems with surveillance software on VMS servers. We can install, configure and manage any enterprise software.

Data Backup - Network & I.T. Security

There is a constant threat of ransomeware, viruses and malicious software. The threats grow more and more every day. Webenergy understans the threats and damage that can result in loss of data, downtime and security breaches. Multiple layers of security need to be applied on the network along with onsite and offsite backups, data encryption, strong passwords and regular auditing of access control lists and user roles. We work with our customers to create a strong security policy for their I.T. Data backups are just as important as security. Backing up your critical data offsite and keeping onsite backups will ensure your safety in the event of a loss or failure.

Montreal: 514-892-3788

We are Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Symantec partners. We carry the Microsoft MCSE and MCDST designations along with the CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ designations.

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